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Unlocking the Value of Data to Benefit Citizens

People connect with all levels of government as part of their daily lives. These connections create oceans of data, but using that data to transform government offerings can feel like a challenge beyond reach. This is where GovLab.ai comes in. We connect the public sector with private sector innovation to upskill talent and create smart software solutions powered by ethical artificial intelligence.

Within weeks, not years, your team will have solutions that create organizational efficiencies, reduce spending, and streamline workflows. By unlocking the value of data, we build AI powered solutions to help the public sector solve complex problems, optimize government services, and seize emerging opportunities.

Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to build a sustainable innovation practice that will launch products powered by data and AI to benefit citizens and governments first while accelerating economic prosperity.

Improved Services
For Citizens

Efficiencies gained are transformed into additional transparency, better quality, and faster turnaround for service delivery


Strong partnership with public and private sector as the participating government bodies facilitate AI/ML adoption


Revenue from participating shares flow back into GovLab.ai, creating a self-sustaining innovation practice

Talent Accelerator Advantage

Govlab.ai is part of our Talent Accelerators program, which is designed to help tackle the global digital talent shortage and accelerate AI solutions development. Our talent accelerators have created impact for our partners through the delivery of operational AI solutions developed collaboratively with public sector employees and AltaML’s deep bench of AI and machine learning experts. This approach allows the public sector to develop their internal capacity for digital transformation, involving their employees with meaningful hands-on participation in their use-cases.

Find a solution to your tech talent gap.


GovLab.ai was founded as a collaboration between AltaML, the Government of Alberta, and Mitacs as an innovation hub for public sector bodies.

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Accelerate digital transformation in the public sector.

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Discover the Impact of GovLab.ai

We are proud to present the second annual GovLab Impact Report, showcasing the remarkable accomplishments achieved through collaboration with our esteemed Partners and Tenants. This report illustrates our collective success in creating and implementing AI-powered solutions that enhance the lives of citizens everywhere. Additionally, it highlights our commitment to nurturing a pipeline of premier tech talent, benefiting the entire ecosystem.

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"Working with GovLab.ai has assisted Alberta Wildfire Management to answer the complex question of where the next Wildfire will occur. AltaML used AI to create a Fire Occurrence dashboard which informed staff of the probability of a wildfire ignition in the area. GovLab.ai has opened my eyes to the many possibilities of using Wildfire data and AI to help solve long standing complex problems."

-  Ed Trenchard, Wildfire Management Specialist, Alberta Wildfire Management Branch

"I have been involved with GovLab.ai and AltaML since late 2021, working on a project to improve methods of detecting insect and disease damaged forests in Alberta. The process thus far has been excellent. The weekly meetings are short, efficient, and move the project forward quickly."

-  Dale Thomas, Wildfire Management Specialist, Alberta Wildfire Management Branch

"For our remote sensing project, I have enjoyed working with the staff at AltaML. They have taken a complex remote sensing problem and broken it down effectively. They kept the project on track along with regular, effective communication. I found them to be very professional, and would work with them again."

-  David Tellier, Information Management Technician, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry